Find Brickwork Restoration in Perth with the Best Tuckpointing on the Market

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Tired of the brickwork on your home looking drab, uneven, discoloured and cracked? Don’t spend another day with the eyesore! At Federation Tuckpointing, we specialise in brickwork restoration in Perth. We have been in this business since 1987, and those years have taught us how to bring virtually any piece of brick wall—be it a chimney, a home façade or a garden wall—back from the brink of ruin.

If you want the best finish possible for your brickwork restoration in Perth, then you might consider our tuckpointing service. The concept of tuckpointing dates back to the 1900s, when it was used to make sloppy, weatherworn or otherwise uneven brickwork look professional and new again. At Federation Tuckpointing, we still use it for the same general purpose, and we are happy to apply our skills in this art to your brick restoration project in Perth!

When we repoint a brick wall, we merely inject new mortar into the joints. If the bricks are uneven in size and shape, though, or if you are pursuing the cleanest aesthetic possible, then tuckpointing might be perfect for you. With tuckpointing, we not only apply the new mortar—for purposes of structural integrity—but we also cover it with a stained based that blends in with the actual brick. Then, once the base is dry, we overlay it again with a fine, straight white line. This gives the illusion of a perfectly even brickwork job—even if the actual bricks are damaged or worn down.

Interested in getting a quote for tuckpointing or other brickwork restoration from Federation Tuckpointing? Give us a call today, at 08 9242 2952.

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