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Rising Damp

rising damp

Rising Damp Perth

Rising damp is one of the most obvious and unpleasant “features” of a home and can significantly devalue properties. Rising damp can occur on external walls or internal walls. As…
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Damp-Proof Course Solutions

What is a Damp-Proof Course (DPC)? A damp-proof course (DPC) is a barrier designed to prevent moisture from rising up through a a wall. It is usually made of a…
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Cavity Wall Cleaning

Why Cavity Cleaning is Important for Damp-Proofing? The amount of rubble which accumulates between the internal and external walls can be surprising. Without cleaning this out, damp-proofing is much less…
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Waterproof Membranes Treatment

How to Repair Rising Damp with Waterproof Membranes? This is a method of treating rising damp particularly on single brick or solid limestone walls or below ground level walls. In…
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Mortar Pointing

Brick Repointing Services Perth

Our teams use a mortar mix as specified by Australian Standards and are experts at matching the existing mortar colour and joint as closely as possible. This is a KEY…
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Brick Replacement Services WA

Replacing Damaged Bricks Over time, due to weather and various elements, bricks are subject to decay or fretting and can sometimes even crack and crumble. When this occurs, the affected…
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Tuckpointing Perth

Tuckpointing Services

High-Quality Tuckpointing Services in Perth Tuckpointing is what we’re famous for, but what is it exactly? Tuckpointing is an aesthetic brick finish which consists of a fine, raised, typically white…
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Rendered Tuckpointing Services

Why Choose us for your Rendered Tuckpointing? If your home has been rendered over, depending on what’s underneath, we can either fully restore it back to original condition or tuckpoint…
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Tuckpointing over Blueboard

Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics: Tuckpointing over Blue Board As you know tuckpointing is a technique used to restore and enhance the appearance and structural integrity of already existing bricks. But…
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Limestone Restoration

If your limestone is looking a little worse for wear, we can bring it back to life! Weathering has a degrading effect on the appearance and structural soundness of limestone.…
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Limestone Repointing Tuckpointing & Repairs

Limestone and limestone joints are naturally subjected to the elements and therefore decay. If left untreated structural damage can result. Federation Tuckpointing® provides high-quality limestone tuckpointing services in Perth at…
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Imitation Limestone

Our talented team have many years experience with matching, blending and creating look-a-like limestone from render. If your project is needing some “wow factor” check out the video to see…
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Stucco Render Repairs

Stucco Render Repairs Perth Stucco is a type of plaster made from sand, cement, lime, and water. It is used most typically to coat exterior walls. Stucco has been used…
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Cracked Wall Repair Services Perth

Cracks can form in walls horizontally, vertically on plastered or rendered walls, they can often follow the mortar line in a brick wall. The most common causes of cracking is:…
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Wall Alterations

Brick Chimney Repairs Perth

Brick chimneys add a sort of timeless appeal to home design. But, once the mortar joints begin to crumble and the bricks start to shift, they can be a dangerous…
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Wall Repairs and Alterations

Enhance the Value of Your Property with Our Wall Repairs and Alteration Services If you love your location, but but your home’s floor plan is no longer working for you,…
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old Air-conditioner Removal perth

Remove Air-Conditioners

Federation Tuckpointing® has been established in the industry for 30+ years. Having completed thousands of air conditioning unit removals, we are experts in this field. With Federation Tuckpointing® you will…
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