Tuckpointing adds character and street appeal to homes therefore increasing value for property owners.

Tuckpointing is what we’re famous for …. but what is it exactly?

Tuckpointing is an aesthetic brick finish which consists of a fine, raised line placed over the top of a darker base mortar, originally done in the 1900’s to disguise unevenly shaped bricks! It can be applied to brick, limestone or render.

Brick Tuckpointing Restoration & Repair Services

Why Choose us for your Brick Tuckpointing? In time, tuckpointing, – like bricks and mortar – can deteriorate (like all of us!) We can restore, repair, tie in new areas to old, make new look old, or even make old look new! The Federation Tuckpointing®…
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Rendered Tuckpointing Services

Why Choose us for your Rendered Tuckpointing? If your home has been rendered over, depending on what’s underneath, we can either fully restore it back to original condition or tuckpoint right over the top – giving your home a complete character makeover. If your render…
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Tuckpointing over Blueboard

Tuckpointing can even be done over blueboard. Blueboard is no enemy to our experienced, knowledgeable and skilled Federation Tuckpointing® tradesmen.
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Tuckpointing Options

Although we work from a standard colour “mix”, it is possible to do a test patch to ensure we achieve the result you’re after. The base mortar can also be made in different colours giving you individual flexibility.
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