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Tuckpointing is what we’re famous for, but what is it exactly? Tuckpointing is an aesthetic brick finish which consists of a fine, raised, typically white line placed over the top of a darker base mortar, originally done in the 1900’s to disguise unevenly shaped bricks! Our high-quality tuckpointing services can be applied to brick, limestone, blueboard or render. Over time, tuckpointing, like brick and mortar, can deteriorate. At Federation Tuckpointing® we restore, repair, tie in new areas to old, make new look old, or even make old look new. Tuckpointing is a great way to do this.

Increase the value of your property with Tuckpointing.

At Federation Tuckpointing® we are known for our personalised service so, with that said we custom mix our tuckpointing base mortar colours based on factors such as; brick colour, period of house, matching old with new and our customers desired look. This gives you individual flexibility and the ability to achieve a schmick integrated look, adding character and street appeal to your home, therefore increasing its value. The Federation Tuckpointing® team are often described as artisans for their technical skills applied in this area. We also offer a test patch to ensure we achieve the result you’re after.

The Federation Tuckpointing® Tuckpointing process:

Tuckpointing Preparation

  • The old surface is removed by grinding off the existing tuckpointing. The wall is then washed down to remove all dust.
  • Where there are deep joints, mortar is injected by using a caulking gun to create a “flush” joint, in order to achieve the required finish. The application of tuckpointing is then done over the flush mortar joint. 

Tuckpointing Procedure 

  • A darker base mortar is applied and sponged over the original joints.
  • The walls are then marked with chalk to identify where the tuckpointing lines will be applied.
  • 2 strips of masking tape are applied to the walls in the centre of each joint and an epoxy white mortar is then applied with a trowel over the tape.
  • While the mortar is wet, the tape is removed to leave a perfect, thin stripe of 2-4mm depending on the job requirements.
  • One main factor that deteriorates tuckpointing is excess moisture causing dampness. For this reason, we always recommend a damp-course protective membrane as part of the service.

The difference between Mortar pointing and Tuckpointing

When mortar repointing a brick wall, we merely inject new mortar into the joints. If the bricks are uneven in size and shape, though, or if you are pursuing the cleanest aesthetic possible, then tuckpointing might be perfect for you. With tuckpointing, we not only apply the new mortar—for purposes of structural integrity—but we also cover it with a stained based that blends in with the actual brick. Then, once the base is dry, we overlay it again with a fine, straight white line. This gives the illusion of a perfectly even brickwork job—even if the actual bricks are damaged or worn down.

Tuckpointing Before and After’s

Alternative Tuckpointing Services We Offer

Tuckpointing over Blueboard

Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics: Tuckpointing over Blue Board As you know tuckpointing is a technique used to restore and enhance the appearance and structural integrity of already existing bricks. But did you know you can tuckpoint over blue board? Blue board is a popular construction material, the benefits of tuckpointing over this are twofold. Not only does it provide a…

Rendered Tuckpointing Services

Why Choose us for your Rendered Tuckpointing? If your home has been rendered over, depending on what’s underneath, we can either fully restore it back to original condition or tuckpoint right over the top – giving your home a complete character makeover. If your render is still solid, Rendered Tuckpointing provides a cost effective way to achieve a classic look…

Why choose us for High-Quality Tuckpointing Services

Federation Tuckpointing® are the experts when it comes to high-quality tuckpointing services in Perth and have been tuckpointing homes for 35 plus years. We guarantee our tuckpointing for 10 years, and it usually lasts much longer. Tuckpointing not only adds significant value to your home, but also looks great when skillfully applied. 

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