Helifix System used to Fix Cracks in Walls

The Helifix System is a purpose built system used for repairing cracks in walls without the need for demolition or major reconstruction.

How is the Helifix system installed?

The Helifix system works by introducing stainless steel bars into the existing structure of the wall.

The stainless steel bars are installed into appropriate joints with purpose specification glue and then secured in place with NTC cementous grout.

Why do we use Helifix stainless steel rods over crack patching?

We use Helifix stainless steel rods to reinforce the existing structure and provide a stable, long-term solution. As we know through many years in the industry that simply patching a crack with grout will not last, it is likely to re-crack again, wasting time and money. Stabilising the crack first with stainless steel rods is an important and often overlooked step.

The helifix system is used for brick and masonry walls, and can be used to repair cracks of virtually any size inside or out. The stainless steel rods allow enough flexibility to accommodate natural building movement, but enough strength to stabilise the structure.

The Helifix system is great for not only wall cracks but it can also be used for structural faults such as wall bowing and rusted wall tie issues.

Want to to know whether a Helifix system is the right choice for your project? It is best to consult with an authorised Helifix installer, who can assess your particular needs and provide specific information. A good place to start is to contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

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