Stucco Render Repairs Perth

Stucco is a type of plaster made from sand, cement, lime, and water. It is used most typically to coat exterior walls. Stucco has been used on houses since ancient times, with the most popular period being the late 19th century. It was especially popular during the Victorian era in WA, when its decorative qualities added to the aesthetic appeal of homes.


How we fix old deteriorated stucco

Like all masonry, stucco can age and deteriorate over time. Fixing old stucco can be a bit of a challenge, but the good news is that it’s not impossible. Our first step is to assess the damage and determine what kind of repairs are needed. If the stucco is just cracked or chipped, it may be possible for us to patch it simply.


If the damage is more extensive, we may need to replace the entire section of stucco render. Once we’ve determined the necessary repairs, we make sure any loose pieces are removed and the area is clean and dry. We install the new stucco being sure to re-create the surrounding texture as flawlessly as possible, and allow it to dry completely. Once the patch is dry, you can finish the area with a fresh coat of paint or sealant of your choice.


Can you match my stucco style?

Matching stucco facades can be a tricky task, but there are a few expert techniques we have up our sleeve. The most challenging part is to match the texture of the existing stucco. We have acquired many tools, products and skills to be able to achieve this. There are hundreds of unique styles of stucco but there isn’t one that our team haven’t been able to seamlessly match.


Contact us If you have any questions about stucco, or would like to get a quote for stucco at your property. We can restore and repair Stucco/Render on existing homes, or we can re-create the character style of Stucco on any new addition.

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