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At Federation Tuckpointing® our aim for mortar repointing is to achieve seamless, lasting results.

Our carefully selected, specialist craftsmen have a real passion and dedication to understanding the history, technology and practice of mortar pointing. This enables them to work with all brick facades and walls regardless of their age and condition.

Federation Tuckpointing® provide extensive mortar pointing procedures – which address issues caused by weather conditions, water damage, and improper masonry mixes. We can restore your property by delivering a series of effective, proven methods:

  • Analysis of Brickwork.
  • Mortar Mix Creation (as directed by the Australian Standard AS3700).
  • Vacuum Grinding (reaching a depth of 10-mm t0 20-mm).
  • Mortar Injections (as applied by specifically modified gun, rather than trowel).

Federation Tuckpointing® believes in quality craftsmanship. This is why our mortar pointing services in Perth adhere to only the highest standards, ensuring efficient finishes and long-lasting results. Our experienced team applies precision and care to every task.

What is Mortar?

Mortar is the material that sits between the individual bricks of a wall and structurally holds all the bricks together. Mortar today is modernly made from a cement-like substance. In earlier times, a lime substance was used to hold bricks together. Over the years, the lime mortar tends to break down more easily meaning your brick home can crumble, decay, or loosen with age. This can cause serious structural issues and can make a big impact on your home’s value, as well as your safety while living inside of it.

What is mortar repointing?

Mortar repointing, also known as brick pointing or mortar pointing is the process of grinding out old joints and filling the decayed joints and gaps in between the bricks in a wall and injecting new mortar into these joints using specialized mortar tools leaving you with safer, stronger mortar. This operation is one that demands a high level of skill from a specially trained tradesman. Poor quality mortar pointing can cause further damage to your wall and may also look like a very obvious repair, which can decrease the value of your property.

Before and After’s

The best way we have found to show Perth homeowners our superior mortar pointing services is by showcasing before and after shots! See below to see the difference a brick-and-mortar restoration can make.

When does a building need brick repointing?

Mortar pointing is required when the joints have eroded to a depth greater than the width. If you notice signs of mortar damage, it should be repointed to prevent further issues and problems.

Re-pointing is carried out when the existing mortar joints have broken down and started to crumble, causing holes in the brickwork or when there is structural damage such as mortar cracking or brick cracking.

What causes damage to Mortar?

A combination of extreme weather conditions, excess moisture (often from sprinklers or watering systems) and a weak mortar mix causes masonry work and mortar to break down and fall out . Both bricks and mortar are subject to fretting or crumbling.


Repointing your property is a particularly important part of maintaining and protecting your brickwork. Failing to replace mortar when it starts to fret away can lead to severe structural and moisture issues.

Who can use our our brick and mortar pointing services in Perth?

Stone & brickwork, brick-and-mortar restorations, Listed buildings, Churches & chapels, Renovations, Complete houses, Lime mortar repointing, Industrial premises, commercial properties, Heritage buildings, Chimney repointing, Garden walls, Fireplaces, Stone repairs, Brick repairs, Patios and alfresco areas, Boundary and Retaining walls, The list goes on.

The Federation Tuckpointing Brick Repointing Difference


Federation Tuckpointing, will provide your project with the attention to detail it deserves. We’ll match the colour of our replacement mortar with the existing style of your building, and provide a ‘good as new’ repair. This way, you can restore both the structural integrity and the curb appeal of your home—all in one fell swoop!

The end result shouldn’t be a noticeable repair; your mortar pointing repair should be seamless and look like there was no problem in the first place. Mortar colors vary as much as brick colors, so matching the existing mortar of your home as closely as possible, is an art in itself and is key to a great end result.

Brick pointing in Perth is no simple task. It demands an innate understanding of stonework, as well as a precise methodology. Our team offers both, following the guidelines established by the Australian Standard AS3700 (as well as our own strict in-house testing). We revitalise every building through carefully planned structural repairs. We complete every task with efficiency, thoroughness, and speed. Our promise is quality.

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Federation Tuckpointing® provides specialist mortar pointing and brick restoration services to homeowners across Perth. For structurally sound and aesthetic brick-and-mortar restorations that will increase the value of your home, get in touch with our expert team on (08) 9242 2952 today.

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