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Cracks can form in walls horizontally, vertically on plastered or rendered walls, they can often follow the mortar line in a brick wall. The most common causes of cracking is: tree roots, shifting foundations, subsidence, vibration, impact and rusting metal. Often, cracks are caused by metal as, when it rusts, it can expand up to 10 times its original size. This is what causes the surrounding area to crack, creating structural damage.

Finding the Right Cause of a Cracked Wall:

It’s important to determine the correct cause of any cracking as a first step to any remedial action. Once the cause is known, a plan and proposal can be provided to rectify and repair. Without determining the cause, any “repair” is simply a patch up or “quick fix” and doesn’t correct the underlying structural damage leaving it dangerous and likely to crack again.

Cracks can be due to concrete cancer was caused by water penetration which causes steel reinforcements like lintels to rust inside the concrete causing gradual degradation, which means you may require a lintel replacement. Some other causes for cracking in walls are: Brick and limestone weakening over time,

Before & After’s

Internal Crack Repair Services in Perth

We can repair internal cracks with ease. Our internal plaster repair work is always left ready for painting by others. Federation Tuckpointing® are a Authorised Helifix Installer and can provide an invisible crack repair service.

Plaster and Render Crack Repair

At Federation Tuckpointing®, our skilled tradesmen can repair the crack and match the existing render finish & leaving an unseen creating a seamless repair. Render can be used to “hide” a multitude of sins, from general brick decay to more severe structural issues. Our skilled tradesmen can repair the crack and match the existing render finish and leaving an unseen, seamless repair.

Once on site our qualified team: Identify the cause of cracking. Plan, propose a solution. Rectify cracks for a seamless structurally sound result.

Why Choose us for your Structural Crack Repair & Lintel Repair?

Federation Tuckpointing® can replace lintels within your home.

Our process is seemless, our specialists will come to your home, analyse the situation and suggest either a full lintel replacement or a repair. Lintels are integral to your buildings structural strength. Lintels are a horizontal, structural beam carrying and leading the weight above the window/door downwards.

A steel lintel rusts over time when moisture is involved. If you have noticed any small to medium size cracks within any main structure of your property it is important that you act quickly as the longer the problem persists the more likely the cracks will cause more damage to your home.

Get in touch with the Perth Crack Repair Specialists

Federation Tuckpointing® are the experts when it comes to cracked wall repair services and have been repairing wall cracks on Perth homes for 30 plus years. For more information on crack repairs, you can contact us for an obligation free quote.

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