Fix Crumbling Mortar with Brick Chimney Repair in Perth

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Brick chimneys add a sort of timeless appeal to home design. Once the mortar joints begin to crumble and the bricks start to shift, they can be a dangerous liability to your home and the people in it. Luckily, with the help of Federation Tuckpointing, you will not only be able to avoid falling bricks and home damage, but you will also be able to restore your old brick chimney to its former grandeur.

When you call Federation Tuckpointing for brick chimney repair in Perth, you can count on a dependable service proven time and time again over the course of 28 years in business. We will start by removing the old crumbled mortar from the brick joints of your chimney. Next, we will inject new mortar into the joints to restore the structural integrity of your chimney. Of course, if any bricks need replacing, we will take care of that also.

What makes Federation Tuckpointing unique as a provider of brick chimney repair in Perth is that, once we have finished our work, you will hardly be able to tell that a repair ever took place. We consider ourselves the best in the business at matching brick colours, mortar colours and mortar finishing to existing brick structures. Our goal is to make our repairs invisible, and as our past customers would attest, we almost always succeed.

Interested in learning more about Federation Tuckpointing, or in getting a quote for a brick chimney repair in Perth? Check out our website today, at www.tuckpointing.com.au.

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