Federation Tuckpointing Guarantees Satisfaction with Mortar Restoration in Perth

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When it comes to repairing cracked or fretting brickwork, many mortar restoration providers in Perth will give you an invoice upfront based on estimated hourly work. Some providers will even require you to pre-pay that invoice, or at least pre-pay a percentage of the work.

At Federation Tuckpointing, though, we’ve never believed in the pre-paid method. Instead, we think that customers should only pay for work once two criteria have been met. First, the work has to be finished and finalised. Second, the customer has to be satisfied with the work.

This business model, of always striving for customer satisfaction first and foremost, has allowed Federation Tuckpointing to provide mortar restoration services in Perth for nearly 30 years. Even as many other companies have come and gone in this niche marketplace, we have held strong and continued to grow and evolve.

Undoubtedly, our longevity is owed to our reputation as a consumer-friendly company. Our customers know they can count on us to provide a superior and complete service. As a result, they pass our information on to their friends and family members or call us when they need additional mortar restoration services in the future.

Bottom line, if you are looking for mortar restoration experts in Perth, you won’t find a company with a longer history or a better track record than Federation Tuckpointing. So call us today, at 08 9242 2952, and enquire about our services. We can look at your brickwork and provide you with a service quote, but we won’t bill you a dime until the work is done, and you are happy.

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