How It Works

Simply, refer us with confidence to a friend or colleague, and as soon as they book a complementary, no obligation, fixed price quote, we will send you scratch n win tickets with 3 chances to win $100,00*.

If your friend decides to proceed with our quote, we will also send THEM tickets with 3 chances to win $100,000*.

Tell your friend to contact us and quote this unique code: FEDTUCKFRIENDS or YOUR name and ADDRESS to ensure we send the tickets to the right person!

Terms & Contitions

• Referral: The act of recommending the services Federation Tuckpointing® to a prospective customer’s details to Federation Tuckpointing®.
• Referrer: An existing Federation Tuckpointing® customer who submits a sales prospect to Federation Tuckpointing®.
• Friend: The new prospective customer whose details are submitted by the referrer.
• The program: Federation Tuckpointing® Customer Referral Program 2020.


1. Referrers may submit as many referrals as they choose as long as the friend meets the eligibility criteria as stated herein. There is no limit per person on the accumulated amount of rewards received by any one participant from referrals submitted through the program.
2. Only if the friend successfully converts by BOOKING a complementary, no obligation, fixed price quote with Federation Tuckpointing® will the referral reward be issued to the referrer.
3. The reward for a successful referral is x3 scratch ‘n’ win tickets each with a chance to win $100,000 and will be posted out to the address provided on file. The referral reward will be processed by the end of the month following the complementary, no obligation, fixed price quote with Federation Tuckpointing®.
4. In order to be considered an eligible referral, the friend must not have a pending quote currently in our system less than a year old.
5. You can only become an eligible referrer under the program once you’ve successfully completed and paid for your installation.
6. Referrals are invalid where the referrer and the friend are the same person or reside at the same residential address.
7. By accepting our terms and conditions, you represent that you have the authority to disclose the name of the person or business (friend) who is referred to us. Without this authority you acknowledge that you are ineligible to participate in the program.
8. The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice. This program may be terminated at Federation Tuckpointing’s® discretion.
9. By participating in the program, you agree and consent to Federation Tuckpointing® using and disclosing your personal information for the purposes of the program and any other matter connected to or incidental to the program.
10. This program is intended for clients of Federation Tuckpointing® to refer new clients for the provision of Federation Tuckpointing’s® products and services. Any practices which deviate from the spirit of this program will be deemed ineligible for reward at Federation Tuckpointing’s® discretion
11. This Program, including the distribution of scratch ‘n’ win tickets, is managed by Federation Tuckpointing® as the promoter and is in no way endorsed or supported by scratch ‘n’ win tickets. All enquiries relating to this program are to be addressed to Federation Tuckpointing®.