Concrete Cancer Repairs Completed by Our Experienced Perth Team

Federation Tuckpointing are a dependable service when it comes to structural repairs proven time and time again. With extensive experience behind us, you can count on us for all types of concrete cancer repair services, regardless of how big or small the job may be. Whether your concrete cancer was caused by water penetration which causes steel reinforcements like lintels to rust inside the concrete causing gradual degradation,

Our team will:

1. Treat the reinforcements

2. Repair the original structure

3. Seamlessly keeping the aesthetics the same.

What makes Federation Tuckpointing unique as a provider of concrete cancer repair in Perth is that once we have finished our work, you will hardly be able to tell that a repair ever took place. We consider ourselves the best in the business at concrete cancer restoration and repairs in Perth. Our goal is to make our repairs invisible, and as our past customers would attest, we almost always succeed.

What is Concrete Cancer

Concrete cancer is caused when the steel reinforcement in a concrete slab starts to erode and rust. The concrete used to build homes and other buildings is a porous material that can easily absorb the elements such as air & water. Through the continuous exposure of these elements, a corrosive acid begins to form which causes the steel to expand and the concrete to crack. If concrete cancer is left untreated, surrounding concrete will crack and become unstable, increasing the risk of falling debris and personal injury. If you see start to see the early signs of concrete it is important you get it repaired before the problem because worse.  

Concrete Cancer Repair Cost

The cost to repair concrete cancer depends on a range of different factors including the extent of the damage to the structure, and whether any external equipment is needed to complete the repair such as scaffolding. Federation Tuckpointing are the concrete cancer repair specialists in Perth. We have helped hundreds of Perth homeowners & businesses with quality, cost-effective concrete cancer repairs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, chances are we have seen and experienced it all. If you would like a personalised estimate on your concrete repair cost for your property, get in touch with us today on 9521 4278.

Do you need help fixing concrete cancer? Get in Touch!

At Federation Tuckpointing, we have helped hundreds of Perth homeowners and businesses with a range of concrete cancer problems, so there is a high chance we’ve seen and experienced it all. If you need a quote for a concrete cancer repair, get in touch with our Perth team today.

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