Testimonials for Federation Tuckpointing’s Mortar Restoration in Perth

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Ever since 1987, Federation Tuckpointing has been one of the foremost authorities for mortar restoration in Perth. If our 28 years of experience don’t convince you to work with us, though, then let our countless former customers do so!

At Federation Tuckpointing, we are incredibly proud to say that our customers consistently offer our tradesmen the highest compliments. For instance, many clients have been blown away by the ‘invisible’ nature of our mortar restorations in Perth. One woman even told us that her husband couldn’t even tell that we had done a brickwork repair when he came home from work one day! That’s because we always strive to provide the best brick matching and mortar colour matching services of any brickwork restoration company in the business. When our new bricks and mortar blend in perfectly with your old brickwork, that’s when we know we have effectively done our job!

Another compliment that Federation Tuckpointing often receives from customers is how clean we are. When you hire us for a mortar restoration job in Perth, you won’t come home to find your home a mess of bricks, mortar dust and other debris. Instead, you’ll find that our tradesmen always clean up their workspace. We don’t want to be one of those companies that make your house unusable while we are doing our work. Instead, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible, working quickly and cleanly so that you get the brickwork restoration you want without all of the mess and distraction.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Call us today, at 08 9242 2952, and ask us about our mortar restoration services in Perth!

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