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Looking to repair or preserve a brick wall or façade in Perth? Look no further than Federation Tuckpointing. Ever since 1987, we have been helping clients to maintain their homes and preserve historically significant brick buildings with our tuckpointing and repointing services. If you just give us a call at 08 9242 2952 and we will help you to decide which type of brick wall repair service is right for you and your Perth home!

Tuckpointing is often applied to the façade of a building and offers a very clean, fine look to the brickwork. This service involves the removal of old mortar, the injection of a new mortar ‘flush’ joint and finally the application of a raised line, overlaid on top of the flush joint. This kind of service brings both structural integrity and stunning aesthetic appeal, and is often the brick wall repair service that customers go with when they are trying to boost the value of their homes.

If you simply need a brick wall repair in Perth to keep a wall from collapsing or falling into disrepair, then repointing is most likely the best option for you. This service will repair the mortar joints and restore the structural integrity of the wall, without the added step of the second overlaid mortar line. With tuckpointing seen as the best option for aesthetic purposes, we at Federation Tuckpointing always work to make sure that our repointing jobs look great, as well.

Interested in learning more about these two different types of brick wall repair in Perth? Stop by the Federation Tuckpointing website today, at www.tuckpointing.com.au.

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